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Squid IP Hosting maintains a world-class network of access points in partnership with over 25 data centers around the world. From Vegas to Stockholm to Sydney, our network offers blazing-fast speed, rock-solid reliability, and top-notch service at the lowest rates in the industry.


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Unparalleled scale, experience, and flexibility.

Tired of data caps, slow speeds, and down-time? You may need to experience the Gigabit connectivity offered by our network for yourself. Since 2009, Squid IP Hosting has been working in partnership with data centers, bandwidth providers, and service resellers to build a one-of-kind network that can support a wide range of different applications.

What We Offer That Others Don't

A Global Network

We've developed unique partnerships with data centers around the world, leveraging economies of scale, to offer you an ever-growing level of access.

An Expert Team

Having been through the fire and back, our team of engineers has over 8 years of experience in balancing security, reliability, and speed throughout our network.

A Unique Commitment

If you don't get the best service you've ever experienced at the lowest prices you've ever seen, then we don't want to make one cent from you.

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